Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Conversion Almost Complete

City Hall Scoop reports on Randy Kelly's son's new gig:
We heard he was back in the politics biz, working for a certain U.S. senator, who formerly occupied the same office the elder Kelly had until January. Word is he’s doing some outreach for the soon-to-be senior senator from Minnesota.
“I’m working for myself,” Kelly told the Scoop this afternoon.
On behalf of Sen. Coleman, maybe?
“I’ve got several clients,” Kelly said.
and today's update:
Erich Mische just called to confirm that Ryan Kelly has indeed retaken the political field.
“He’s working as a consultant for the campaign,” Mische said from Washington, D.C. Mische said Kelly’s job is to reach out to young professionals
I wonder what Daddy is doing?


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