Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Old News

As mentioned last week, and now being reported by local media, Patty Wetterling has decided not to be Mike Hatch's running mate:
Wetterling was not available for comment Monday, but her campaign spokeswoman, Carol Butler, confirmed that the former U.S. Senate candidate had told Hatch she would not be his running mate.

"She is considering Congress," Butler said, and Wetterling will make an announcement about her political future soon.
The spokesman stopped short of commenting on her future plans other then to say:
But Wetterling is still considering running for Congress.
And just like the obligatory Ciresi quote at the end of every article on the senate race, this boiler plate line continues to be used regarding Patty's 6th district aspirations:
Elwyn Tinklenberg, former mayor of Blaine and former state transportation commissioner, is the only announced DFL candidate in the 6th District race. He has said Wetterling has assured him several times that she would not run for the seat again this year.
However, King at SCSU Scholars ran my comments by some of his DFL friends, and they pointed out:
I asked some DFL party people about this over the weekend and they confirmed it. They are using a "draft Patty" campaign including a rally here in St. Cloud yesterday afternoon. Theory goes: If she breaks the promise she will receive negative press, but it would fade rather quickly and not be a problem for her by the time the district convention arrives. Makes sense to me.
Timing is everything, so the inevitable announcement regarding her run in the 6th may be delayed.


UPDATE: WOW! A Gitmo deferral. Thanks guys!

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