Monday, January 02, 2006

The Feckes Brownies

The BotML tradition continues. If you haven't seen this year's honorees, it is a must read for all. His review of Last Year's prognostications was simply uncanny.

I'll skip right to this year's prediction paragraph and see how it aligns with my take:
Amy Klobuchar will defeat Mark Kennedy for Senate, 54%-45%. Tim Pawlenty will edge Mike Hatch in the governor's race, 51%-48%, marking two decades of DFL futility. The Democrats will retake the Minnesota House by a few seats, though, setting up four more years of gridlock.
This is probably the safest bet. Gov. Pawlenty is a pretty charismatic guy, and even after breaking his No New Tax pledge, conservatives and enough moderates will rally to hold the Governor's seat.

As for Kennedy, I couldn't have hand picked a better lamb to throw to the wolves. The GOP figured if they anointed their King early they would have a great chance in grabbing this seat, but watch for some Buyers remorse out there once they realize they are stuck with him. A Senate Campaign is a marathon, s watch Kennedy fade after sprinting during the first year of this two year campaign
Nationally, the Democrats will not retake either house but will gain significantly in both, further eroding the GOP's ability to function.
Hmmmm, I think the Senate is within reach. If there isn't significant progress in Iraq, and a major victory in the War on Terror, watch the electorate give someone else a try.
Tom Delay will be acquitted in Texas, but it won't matter as he'll be indicted in the ongoing Abramoff scandal.
Delay is politically dead and he needs to worry more about retaining his seat in his hand drawn district. Even if he is acquitted, the Abramoff fiasco should stifle him enough that even far Right Wingers in TX may just stay home on election day.
The furor over wiretapping will reappear with a vengeance, apropos of nothing, in March. This time it will not be easily dismissed. And an additional scandal will embroil the Bush administration as it follows the trajectory of the Clinton, Reagan, and Nixon administrations.
I had a debate/discussion on this issue while being tag teamed by two Conservatives, one further Right then the other. What was frustrating is their total lack of acknowledgment that this President bold faced lied to the American people about a matter of National Security. I am not ready to hop on any impeachment bandwagon, but if the Right thought it was impeachable to lie about sex, then where is their furor when a President lies about National Security matters. All comments made by the Right that refuses to acknowledge the FACT that this is a far more serious issue then anything any other president has done will simply be ignored.
Meanwhile, we will finally start withdrawing troops from Iraq, throwing Iraq into chaos.
This is what will decide the Mid Terms, a Chaotic Iraq will create enough animosity in the electorate to 'throw the bums out', progress and subtle troop re-deployments will preserve the status quo.
Osama bin Laden will still be breathing at the end of 2006, but Fidel Castro will not.
I thought they were both immortal, and maybe even the same person for all we know. Have we ever seen them in the same room together; Hmmmmmmm!
And Finally: Mike Tice will be fired, and the Vikings will go nowhere in 2006; the Twins will continue their slide into 1995esque territory; the Timberwolves will win their division but lose in the first round of the playoffs; the Wild will continue to be mediocre at best;
Welcome to Minnesota Sports. The 87/91 Twins were merely an anomaly,
Flip Saunders and the Detroit Pistons will win the NBA championship;
The North Stars had to move out of town to get a title, maybe that is all Flip needed!
the Chicago White Sox will repeat in baseball, and my beloved Chicago Cubs will finish fourth in the NL Central, 23 games behind the St. Louis Cardinals.
Jeff, you gave the Cubbies their best shot at a world title by not predicting them to win. Where's the dreamer in ya?!

If you haven't seen the post yet, go NOW! You'll find all the winner's, HERE!

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