Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Centrifugal Force

I caught a post on Centerfeud yesterday, titled Finding the Center (if there indeed is one).Purplestater touches on a post from Frederick, at Thought at the Meridian. Specifically:
The fascistoid squabbling going on amongst leftist groups is not only annoying, but deeply disturbing. And I can't see that that's going to change in the foreseeable future. Neither can I see any evidence of a decent Left evolving, only decent Leftists.
Purplestater's comment:
Like Frederick, I too am dismayed at the tendency of so many on the Left to give a pass to the depredations of totalitarian regimes or terrorist groups, or even sympathize with them to an extent, because they oppose US policy aims. The Left seems much more concerned with fighting faux fascism than confronting real fascism, in part because that would put them on the same page as their ideological enemies.
I couldn't agree more. If the left insists on attack, instead of promoting good policy change, they will become nothing more then an asterisk.


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