Friday, January 28, 2005

Busy Day

Funny how an off day can be busier then a normal work day. Educators in my class have an unpaid leave day today, so I am catching up on those things that one can only do during normal business hours.

** I just refinanced the car shaving 6 points off my loan, a year off the term and STILL lowered the payment. I knew the GMAC rate of 9.95% was high, but could hardly pass up the $1000 rebate for financing through them. However, the 3.95% at the Teacher Federal Credit Union was a no brainer. So I paid a few extra bucks interest for a couple months to get the rebate, and now have rolled my loan to the CU.

** I'll be making a few call to Corps Directors across the country to touch base with them regarding the DCA-Central division.

** I'll be running preliminary numbers through TaxAct to see what my 2004 tax burden was.

** Rehearsal this weekend in St. Peter. Another weekend with the oldest competing Drum Corps in the world.

Have a GREAT weekend, I'll be back Sunday!


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