Friday, August 13, 2010

GOP Cleansing or Simple Purity Test

Let me share anther reason as to why, even though I would argue I lean Right on the overall ideological spectrum, I struggle with even considering being a Republican.

Two term GOP State Senator Paul Koering loses primary and is now leaving the party. Why?
Koering begrudges the Minnesota GOP for asking local sheriffs for his law enforcement records in July. He said the state GOP is imposing an increasingly exclusionary "purification process" on members.

"The party that I've called home for 14 years has kind of, in essence, went off the cliff," Koering said. "I always tried to stay with the party to hopefully be a voice of reason within the party. But I found through this campaign that that doesn't work anymore."

The primary appears to have vanquished Koering's appetite for politics; he told the Times his "political days are over."

Koering said he wants Stevenson to succeed him because Gazelka is too ideological to find common ground with DFLers and independents.
Yes, he says his party "went off a cliff". I believe that happened many years ago and is nothing new. Sad really!


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