Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Election Day 09, School Board and Mayoral No Brainer

I got home from Iowa to a leaky water heater, a stubborn Stove and other assorted issues. Amazing how things decide to rear their ugly heads when you are away. So, needless to say, I have been quite busy.

But nothing can stop the election process and I needed to make a couple decisions, one of which is still up in the air.


It is clear that no one can continue what needs to be done in our fair city other than the current office holder. I'll be first to admit I was not happy with some of the decisions he made, especially the attempt to shut down both the closest rec center AND the closest library to my home. But what was refreshing is community input was allowed, and adjustments were made, and the library survived at least for now. But it was when the Mayor stopped by the garage this past Summer that really stuck in my memory.

I had a few folks over, and the mayor was on his way home from a prior engagement. He was able to sneak in for a visit. My son, a senior at Central, came home from Friday Night rec and struck up a conversation with Mr. Coleman. I saw the mayor sincerely engaged in what he was hearing from this young person, and my son offering up some of the frustration he was having with the cuts, and things he would like to see happen. THAT is how a mayor should be. Mingling with the citizens, farming ideas, and implementing the best to make this city better.

My vote today is for Mayor Chris Coleman.


As an employee of the district I have to admit my frustration at the amount of time being spent on internal issues, without addressing serious and specific concerns going on within the schools. Gobbs of money being spent on a Superintendent search when there is a strong pool of candidates right here in our back yard. Millions of dollars being spent on 'Cultural Proficiency' training without any acknowledgment to the true problem of inconsistent parental involvement.

This district needs to engage parents at least as much as the students. All the training in the world won't do any good if you can't get the parents on board. At a time of fiscal tumult, the priorities of the current Board as it relates to how they spend money is just short of embarrassing. That is why I see the need to get some fiscal control in place. The district has enough money, they are just spending it on the wrong priorities.

Tom Conlon will be missed on this board, and there is no better candidate on the ballot to replace him then Pat Igo. With that, I am also going to pull the lever for John Krenik, another GOP endorsed candidate.

I am supporting the re-election of John Borderick and am still undecided on the 3rd vote. I am leaning Chris Connor but may just leave it at two.

There is a nice set of mini bios that can be found at TCDailyPlanet.

If you want to twist my arm for that 3rd Board spot, have at it in the comments.

So this Moderate is sticking with the DFL Mayor, and voting for two GOP Board members and re-electing a Dem. Now THAT'S balance!


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