Thursday, July 09, 2009

Parade of Champions

Via DCPlanet:
DCA Showdown Set For Scranton 8/1
Top 6 Head To Head

Written by Tom Peashey, Drum Corps Associates
Wednesday, 08 July 2009

Roll back to the clock to late evening, August 31st 2008 – Rochester, NY, as the announcer (little old me!) read through the endless score upon score, corps fell into their final spots of the season. The anxiety was building. Would anyone challenge the Buccaneer juggernaut? Who would it be that either dethroned or nipped close to the defending champions? DCA’s most storied corps, Hawthorne Caballeros is read in 5th place. We began to get the feeling that perhaps there might be change as the recently resurgent Hurricanes had placed 4th. Wow! Minnesota Brass had made the top 3. Surely they would be next, but NO! Falling to third was Rochester’s Empire Statesmen. Finally it’s set. Bucs reign again as king of DCA, but a thrill of excitement permeates the crowd. DCA Central’s Minnesota Brass, Inc. is left ever so close to the crown and immediately dubbed as the new threat to the Buccaneer Empire.

Move on to 2009 and the schedule has a lot of the old “same old, same old” look - Regional, not too much movement due to expense and the economy. Then, came the word. While the Buccaneers continue to dominate the East, the newly crowded giant killer – MBI – would like to come east. They would like to take their best shot in a regular season show at the Champion, and yes, give everyone else in the top 6 a chance at them.

After much work and some pretty creative fundraising in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota Brass was able to make the request of DCA President, Gil Silva that they had hoped for. “Please allow us to join the rest of the top 6 in Scranton, PA on August 1st.” The showdown is set. Everything is in place. For the first time in many years, last years top 6 corps will meet in head to head competition during the regular season. Will MBI be able to lay claim to the term “Giant Killer” or will one of the others jump up and contend? Will the Reading Pirate ship sail on or get Bushwacked? Whatever the result, it is certain that the expectations will be set and the excitement climaxed as we travel towards the 45th DCA Championship on September 4, 5 and 6th in Rochester.

The Reading Buccaneers, Minnesota Brass, Inc., Rochester’s Empire Statesmen, CT Hurricanes, Hawthorne Caballeros and Harrison Bushwackers will put it all on the line on August 1st in Scranton High School Stadium, Scranton, PA. This will be the definitive show of the 2009 DCA season - the show of shows. For many, it will be the fulfillment of a dream. Showtime is 7:30PM and features an exhibition by the power driven Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni. Tickets are available on line or by phone. Call 888-300-6910 or on line ticket ordering.
A special THANK YOU for those who have taken a moment to pledge to this fine organization. If you haven't yet, take a look at the website and see if you can help out by offering a donation.

The corps will be in Hinckley, Saturday without me as I have a prior commitment. But all day Sunday we will be getting better. If you haven't seen corps in awhile, or are curious as to what this activity is about, consider stopping by Northdale Middle School on Sunday afternoon. Around 3:30 or so we will do a complete performance of this years 2009 program Nocturne: Songs for the Night.


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