Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PC Woes

My 7+ year Old HP is acting up again. I've boosted the memory to 2 GB thinking the crawling speed was more a symptom of newer updated software struggling on an older box. But the snails pace progressed to a molasses drip and finally consistent freezing at boot, or soon after the desktop is drawn.

Good news is, I can boot with BART PE and still get through my file structure and pull off anything left on the drive. Bad news is I am headed for a System re-install or even a complete wipe and reinstall of the drive itself. Most all my spare time has been going to bring this tired old box back to life.

The irony, the only reliable PC machine left in the house, is my MacBook. Yeap, I run Parallels Desk Top on my Intel based MacBook. Pretty slick.

People always ask me what my preferred platform is, and I always say Windows. They look somewhat surprised and ask me why, and I look at them and say:

"Job Security, if everyone had a Mac they wouldn't need me" *smile*


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