Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers' Day

I fine Mothers day tribute at Green Tea MN. It is a portion of a Eulogy given at a Mother's funeral.
Today is the age of Angels.
All over the world there is becoming a magical
awakening to the fact, there really are angels

Those of you that knew Gladys were witness to that fact. I think of her as the littlest angel, the wittiest one, the busiest, the one who giggles the most, the one who is the most fun to be around. She was young at Heart.

(skipping personal things)

This Angel left us many gifts. She left her children and grandchildren the gift of a great sense of humor, a warm acceptance of all people no matter what color or creed.
She left all of us the gift of friendship. This earth angel, the littlest angel has only passed on and she is waiting for us. I believe she is saying:

"Live life to the fullest and you will find that the greatest gift is our relationship with others."
Have a great Mothers' Day. I'll be sneaking out to my Mom's later this afternoon. You all should too!


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