Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Al-Masri's Dead?!?

via WaPo:
Tuesday, May 1, 2007; 7:10 AM

BAGHDAD -- Iraqi officials have received reports that the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq was killed by Sunni tribesmen, but the chief government spokesman said Tuesday the information has not been confirmed.

The statement by spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh followed a welter of reports from other Iraqi officials that Abu Ayyub al-Masri had been killed. Iraqi officials have released similar reports in the past, only to acknowledge later they were inaccurate.

U.S. officials said they could not confirm the reported death.
On one hand, they are probably a dozen of his type waiting in line to assume his role. But as we pick on each and everyone of these criminals, their talent pool is dwindling!


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