Thursday, December 07, 2006

Test Matchups

Rasmussen grocery lists a variety of General Election Match ups:
Clinton (D) 46% Giuliani (R) 46%
McCain (R) 48% Clinton (D) 43%
Giuliani (R) 50% Edwards (D) 41%
McCain (R) 47% Edwards (D) 43%
Giuliani (R) 47% Gore (D) 44%
McCain (R) 48% Gore (D) 41%
Giuliani (R) 48% Obama (D) 39%
McCain (R) 47% Obama (D) 39%
Edwards (D) 51% Romney (R) 34%
Obama (D) 48% Romney (R) 33%
Edwards (D) 50% Huckabee (R) 33%
Obama (D) 50% Huckabee (R) 31%
McCain (R) 49% Vilsack (D) 32%
Vilsack (D) 39% Romney (R) 35%
What's interesting, is that even though McCain is in a great postion to hold off Hillary, the GOP doesn't want him:
As expected, McCain struggles with conservatives. Among conservative voters, the Arizona Senator is essentially even with Gingrich, far behind Giuliani.
However, the other RINO, Giuliani, has surged past Hillary in recent polling:
While there has been no change in the McCain-Clinton match-up, Rudy Giuliani (R) has opened a five-point lead over Clinton, 48% to 43%. In the previous survey these New York politicos were tied at 46%.
So my Right Wing readers, could you plug your nose and vote for one of these RINOs, or do you have something else up your sleeve to attract a more conservative candidate, giving the Dems a better shoot at returning to the White House. What a dilemma you are in. Stick to your values and lose, or compromise them and have a shot.


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