Friday, December 08, 2006

Remember The Rule of Threes

Living in the frozen Tundra of Minnesota, we know cold well. But for those of us following the events in the Pacific Northwest over the last few days, we have a new perspective. While his wife and kids were rescued a couple days ago, James Kim was not so lucky (watch the CNET tribute). Feeling the reality of their seclusion, Kim felt the need to venture out, and seek help. Many of us 'dads' probably would have done the same thing, considering the patience already displayed by the family. However, sometimes the survival instinct still rooted in our primordial minds overrules the actions an arm chair quarterback, with hindsight, might have taken.

Rick Sanchez, on Anderson Cooper's 360 Blog, shares:
Probably every one of us who has seen the tragic story out of Oregon has wondered what they would do if faced with same situation as James Kim and his family. I'm no different.

I've discussed it with my colleagues. I've discussed it with my wife. So now I'm heading into the Rocky Mountains to find out what it is really like to be in the kinds of unbelievable conditions James and his family faced -- the freezing cold, the snow, the wilderness.
I may be a day or two behind in commenting on this tragedy, but it was the Rule of Threes that Rick pointed at that seemed like advice we should all be aware of:
1. You can survive for three hours without shelter
2. You can survive for three days without water
3. You can survive for three weeks without food
And now I know where the priorities should be:
If you have to make a choice between food, water and shelter from the cold, then shelter wins out in a big way.
Remember the rule of threes!

You can read the almost 3000 'thoughts and condolences' to the Kim family here, and leave your own if you choose.


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