Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Doin' the Right Thing

The Wege is taking an extended sabbatical from blogging, he was just hired on by the Ford Bell campaign:
I don't think this will shock, surprise or awe many of you, but I've just signed up as an independent contractor with the Ford Bell for U.S. Senate campaign. I'll be responsible for web content as well as doing some editing of campaign documents and materials.
as for Blogging:
Taking a sabbatical from posting at Norwegianity is not a requirement of this job, but I personally believe it is a necessity. Instead of reading eight newspapers and several dozen blogs a day, I need to begin focusing in on key issues. Rather than being an inch deep and worldwide, I need to gain a deeper understanding of health care and other issues of concern to Minnesotans. The two jobs simply are not compatible.
I respect the Bell campaign, and their desire to present their ideas and philosophies to the electorate, but Amy is a rock solid candidate who has the best chance of capturing this Senate seat. The sooner the party comes together and can use its resources for the main goal, the better that chance will be.


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