Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Complete Denial

I've stayed out of the Special election fray up in St. Cloud. First there was the Governor choosing a date right around the Holidays that some speculated was a ploy to disenfranchise Student voters away for the Holidays. Then the one, two punch of the GOP candidates, one claiming residency that didn't exist, and the other doctoring photos to create a rally for him that didn't happen, and a family from thin air. So it was no surprise when I saw the results this AM, showing the DFL swept the races:
Senate District 15 results
Ind DAN BECKER 826 6.96
GOP DAN "OX" OCHSNER 4422 37.26
WRITE-IN** 47 0.40

House 15B Results
DFL LARRY HAWS 3579 70.86
WRITE-IN** 150 2.97
GOP KAY EK** 1322 26.17
But in the STRIB article this AM, the Right had the spin cycle in overdrive!
"I think the Ek situation caused confusion among the voters," state Republican spokesman Mark Drake said after Ochsner conceded the election to Clark. "It drowned out the message that Clark is a liberal who is out of touch with the district."
So your guys get busted, the constituency demands a little honesty and respect, and you say THEY'RE out of touch.

The attention that was focused on these races, specifically the Ek factor, created a perfect environment for voters to properly review the candidates and make decisions that they felt were in the best interest of their future. If some of the traditional conservative voters opted for a candidate based on integrity rather then ideology, then it is the GOP that must look within itself. Talk about being out of touch!

The State's Right leaning machine has a lot of soul searching to do as we enter 2006. The power of incumbency may be more of a hindrance then a help.

2006 is going to be an exciting year for Minnesota Politics. Stay tuned!


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