Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Class Act

For the most part, bloggers get along pretty well in real life, both Right and Left sides of the aisle. The majority of the jousting that happens online is a far cry from their behaviors when they meet in person. The Power Liberals and I frequent the Right Blogosphere's domain at Keagan's Thursday nights. I've had some cross over at my Friday evening drinking Moderately gatherings. Heck, if the Wege and Mitch can find common ground and remain civil in conversation, their must be truth to my observation.

Which brings me to an unfortunate prank gone awry. MNPublius happened to notice that the old D v K Blogspot location had gone dormant. In an attempt at innocent punking, MNPublius, registered himself as the administrator of the old D v K blog, and added a new post ridiculing the blog. What he didn't know is that seven months of archived material in the old blog would Poof. (The D v K blog links are 404 now, so I can't link to even the Prank Post)

Now in reality, he didn't do anything wrong. You snooze you lose, right. Maybe so, but the class and integrity of Matt was more then just staying within the guidelines of the Blogger rules. Sometimes one must do what is morally right, not legally correct, and Matt took the moral high road.
In what I thought would amount to little more than a practical joke, I claimed the up-for-grabs site and put up a post ridiculing the Dayton v. Kennedy blog. What I did not realize is that in doing so the archives would be removed from the site. For this I am truly sorry. I have removed myself from the blog's administrator role and left it alone. This was not a case of "cyber-sabotage" or unethical blogging, it was an honest mistake made by someone who obviously does not understand the inner workings of blogger well enough.
But, did he stop there. No siree!
When I realized what had happened I felt terrible for having ruined someone's hard work like that. I immediately apologized to all the KvM authors and set to work righting my wrongs. It took me a while sifting through the yahoo and google caches of old DvK pages but I managed to find every single lost post. I compiled this list and sent it off to KvM. I know it doesn't rectify everything, but I made a mistake and wanted to correct it as best I could
It may not seem that the Right and Left can get along, but at least here in the Minnesota Blogosphere it is more then just promoting our personal ideoligies, it is about playing fair, and doing the correct thing!

MN Publius, an honorable person admits their mistakes and does whatever they can do to rectify the damage. Matt, you are an honorable man!


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