Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What are they afraid of?

Why is the Right so adamantly opposed to an investigation of Pre War intelligence? Why are they being cry babies about Sen. Reid's insistence that an investigation take place?

If this administration has nothing to hide, nothing to be afraid of, and nothing to worry about, then they should demand this investigation take place. They should embrace the desire of the American people for wanting to know, and get ready to flaunt their exoneration in the very noses of the Left, right about the time of mid terms next year.

But the caterwauling that is going on right now makes this pro war supporter think that maybe I was duped, maybe there was a manipulation of the data. Maybe there was a concerted effort to fool enough Americans into thinking that SoDamn was a direct threat to American's at home?

If the Right would have simply said to the Left, OK, go for it, but you'll be cutting your own throat? I would have simply shook my head at the desperation of the Left, but now I shake my head at the Right, wondering, "What are they afraid of?"

But that's just me!


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