Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Five Ways Forward

Although I have found it more difficult to write, over the last few years, I still read, read, read. No, not a big book reader (although I did receive a preview copy of Street Smarts, which looks like one of the few I WILL read), but the heady policy stuff from the partisan Think Tanks. A local one, MN2020 published Five Ways Forward, and I think it is worth a look:

 - Reduce Medical Errors through More Transparent Reporting
 - Expand Opportunities for Solar Investors
 - Repurpose Unoccupied Storefronts on Main Streets and Urban Neighborhoods
 - Broaden Statewide Transit
 - Find Fairness in Evaluating Teachers

Complete report here (PDF)

I've only skimmed it, but plan on giving it some time later today. No comments, just a public service to my readers to open their minds to how other may view the next step towards the future.


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