Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Chess Game

There is a reason I tend to support Democratic candidates in the face of my right leaning moderacy. The Left is a forward thinking compromise based group, whereas the Right is a power hungry unmovable behemoth. The current stunt they are pulling nationally, block everything and anything until they get their way, is no different than what is happening here in the recount. It's all about power and the base. But what happens when the base begins to wane. Lets look at that.

From the Strib:
The Dayton campaign said that of the 2,776 ballot challenges Emmer workers have filed, 98.2 percent have been declared frivolous. By contrast, 39 Dayton challenges have been ruled frivolous, according to the campaign.
Does the Emmer legal team even know what they are doing to themselves. With control of both houses of the legislature they have a chance to lead, and govern. They have an opportunity to show the MN electorate how they believe things should be done. Even with a Governor Dayton, there is much room to show what they can do. But the hunger for power, even briefly, seems to be more important than long term improvement of the state. Some Emmer supporters are getting fed up:
Those challenges were wearing thin even on some Emmer voters.

"I'm an Emmer supporter, but I think what's going on here is a bunch of nonsense," said Steven Camp, a Robbinsdale resident and small-business owner who worked as a Hennepin County table official.

But Camp didn't blame Emmer. He suggested larger forces may be at work. If Republicans delay the recount long enough or contest it in court, the planned Jan. 3 swearing-in of the next governor could be delayed.

"It seems to me, frankly, that Emmer is something of a pawn in this situation," Camp said.
Being a pawn is NOT the mark of a leader. If Rep Emmer wants any hope for future political viability he needs to recognize a couple things; 1) there is no path to victory for him; and 2) The behavior of his recount team and the MNGOP smear machine is causing frustration even within his base.

Rep Emmer has a choice to make, if it is his choice and that is to simply recognize reality. If there is a decision to move forward with an election contest post recount, we'll have our answer. No sensible leader would continue after the process is complete . . . unless, of course, he is merely a pawn.


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