Monday, September 27, 2010

Balancing Acting!

It's hard cutting over a trillion dollars from the budget, while holding Medicare/caid, defense, education, et. al. harmless. I mean, those are the biggest chunks of the budget, forcing even deeper cuts elsewhere which would virtually eliminate some of the programs. And don't misread me, that just may be part, but not the complete, solution. Also, with the goal of continuing tax cuts, we can't count on significant revenues to help. But one advantage I do have, while we heard all the attacks going on this election season, I don't have political viability to sorry about. So I am still reading analysis, from both side of the aisle, as I juggle numbers. But here is a question for you.

When is reform not a cut, or when is a cut, really reform. I think we all agree that there is much opportunity to save, via reform, without effecting the service being provided. Locally, Tea Party Republican candidate Rep. Tom Emmer talks about reform and savings while improving service delivery, specifically in education. Yet the Right wing attack ads against the 'Affordable Health Care Act' talk about deep cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, when, in reality, there aren't cuts at all, but a plan to streamline and create a much stronger and better program through efficiencies.

When is the electorate going to stand up against the spin words and silly talk? At what point will the people demand honest answers? When will a candidate have the guts to actually present the cold hard facts, make the tough decisions, and put themselves out there to do what is right?

I am no candidate, yet, but I'm trying to give it a shot!


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