Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WEEK 4 - BMT and another phone call


– CBRNE/chamber training
– Anti-terrorism/Force protection level I
– Security programs
– Obstacle course
– Weapons evaluation (breakdown and assembly)
– Second clothing issue
– Dress and appearance (service uniform)


Got another phone call from Trainee Nick. All is still well and on track. His first words were 'I just got out of the gas chamber' I had to ask if it was some kind of punishment, but it was related to the CBRNE/Chamber training. He even sounded somewhat excited about it.

From here on out things start to get better, TIs (Training Instructors) are more in 'build up' mode rather than 'tear down' mode.

The letter I had sent hi on Saturday already had arrived yesterday so it is good to know mail flows fast. The bad news is, the letter sits in his security locker till Sunday as he isn't allowed to read mail unless authorized.

So he is half over. We are finalizing travel arrangements for BMT graduation towards the end of August and I just can;t wait to see the new man he has become.

Have I mentioned how proud I am!!

Proud Marine and Air Force Dad!

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