Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Brown is Purple!

Remember this post:
Something tells me that the new Senator from Mass may just like being a Senator, and will be willing to at least make some moves to color himself Purple if he wants more then two years in Congress.
Now lets visit the business the US Senate conducted, yesterday, on the Jobs Bill:
It was almost time to vote on the Senate jobs bill, the first major vote since Brown's arrival. Republicans were counting on their new member to be their "41st vote," the number needed to sustain filibusters and shoot down any and all Democratic proposals.

Brown, his desk in the back corner, was the only Republican in the room as Senate Majority Harry Reid (D-Nev.) offered a final denunciation of the GOP before the vote. "My friends on the other side of the aisle are looking for ways not to vote for this," he said, accusing them of putting "partisanship ahead of people."

As Reid spoke, Brown was leafing through a Senate face book, learning to recognize his new colleagues. As soon as the vote was called, he strode quickly into the well and interrupted the clerk as he read the roll.

"Yes," Brown said quietly, and then, having become Reid's first vote, he rushed out of the room before Republican colleagues arrived. He stepped into the hallway, then waited for reporters to assemble around him.

"I'm not from around here," he said. "I'm from Massachusetts."

Back inside the Senate chamber, Maine's Susan Collins, a Republican moderate, followed Brown's lead and voted yes. The floodgates opened, and the GOP filibuster was broken with two votes to spare.
Looks like Senator Brown likes being a Senator already.

Oh, and the folks who worked to put him in office are livid:
This did not keep Tea Party members from flaming Brown on Twitter. Here is a sampling of the Tea Party backlash against Brown:
solbeachdog: Scott Brown quickly exposed as just another New England progressive masquerading as a Republican. Disgusting."

PAC43: RT @Lanettetay: I am furious and sick about Sen Scott Brown voting YES for Harry Reid & Obama's Job Bill that is serious DEFICIT SPENDING!!"

Tigerstooth: RT @LiliaEP Scott Brown is an example of the progressivism that is creeping into the GOP that Glenn Beck talks about. #tcot #tlot #teaparty"
It appears that Democrats should have taken a different strategy in attacking Brown. Instead of painting him as a Tea Party extremist they should have simply called Brown a moderate. This may have led to the loss of his Tea Party support as seen in the tweets above.
Hmmmm, is that possibly a new strategy for the Left, paint the opposition as a Moderate so as to loose the support of their much needed fringe element. Might be a good one early on, to at least get primary challenges or, better yet, 3rd party candidates to step up and split the vote.

I still think that it is an eternity till November, and as the economy improves under the leadership of the current administration, the electorate will start to get it!


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