Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Standing Together, Protecting Freedom!

There is a reason the President's poll numbers have been suffering. We have a reluctant Right that is hell bent on seeing this President fail, and a Left that thinks he isn't doing exactly what they expect. At least the Right supports their president once he is elected, the LEFT thinks he should be a marionette to their will. You can't govern in the minority, the Right knows that, the Left will never learn

The Left, in their desire to pick up their toys and go home, will probably lose the congress next year, and the presidency as soon as two years after that. The reason the Republicans can survive even the worst mistakes is they stick together, warts and all. The Left is too busy trying to find the perfect candidate. They just splinter themselves into selfish factions, and may find themselves with nothing in the end! Sometimes they need to take their lumps, knowing that the alternative is not acceptable. The Right is good at that, the Left, not so much

I'm referring to those and so many others turning their back on this President because he isn't doing exactly what they want him to do. It may cost them Congress next year, and very likely the Presidency. The approval ratings are plummeting because he won't waffle to their will.

The war in Afghanistan was never wrong, and although I believe that President Bush went into Iraq for the wrong reasons, it was still a fight that needed to be fought. We are safer for it.

Many more will die to preserve our freedoms and protect this country, I am humbled by their service. Turning tail at this point would turn our backs on the ~ 900 brave souls who have already made the ultimate sacrifice.

Specifically, this troop surge, with a redeployment taking place as soon as 11 months from now will have most all troops out by 2016. The President has no intentions of hanging out there forever, or risk turning the reigns over to some one who may.

Now is the time to support the military and stand behind this President. We have a job to do, and anything short of full and complete victory is simply not an option. I am comforted by the fact this President agrees with me


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