Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Senator 60

I found it humorous to hear talk of a potential filibuster of the current Supreme Court nominee. Senator 60 will should be seated before Nominee Sotomayor's confirmation hearings begin, and most certainly in time for the vote.

Conventional wisdom has put the MN Supreme Court decision on former Senator Coleman's attempt to over turn the election at 30 - 60 days, so says former Justice Gilbert:
"I thought it would take them between 30 and 60 days to do the final opinion," Gilbert said.

On June 1, the date of the hearing, the justices all met immediately afterward in conference, and that's the date that they voted their preference.

"But then the real writing process starts after that," he said. "To draft the opinion and to circulate that and to make sure all the research is done correctly. So it does take a little time."
I don't buy it, this is a slam dunk case that could have been ruled on later that same afternoon. Look for an answer within a week. Generally the court hands down decisions on Tuesday, so the money call would be June 23rd. But I say we may hear something as soon as tomorrow. You heard it here first.


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