Friday, May 15, 2009

Timmeh Punts

So the Governor is throwing a temper tantrum since he can't have its way.
Pledging that there would be no government shutdown or special legislative session, the Republican governor said that every bill sent to him by the Legislature would be subject to his surgical veto pen, and later Thursday, he applied seven line-item vetoes to two bills. Pawlenty said he would use his executive powers to address a $3 billion disparity between expected spending in the DFL bills and anticipated revenues
Tough to be rejected by the electorate. Now, I don't fault him for using every tool that he has at his disposal, he is the Governor. But wouldn't a true leader listen to the people? Wouldn't a true leader recognize that their polices and practices have been soundly rejected? Wouldn't a true leader work together with other dually elected representatives to come to a fair conclusion to this situation? YES, a true leader would. But when you have an empty suit with national aspirations whose constituency is NOT the people of Minnesota but the base of the Republican party, then you get the juvenile temper tantrum we see on display.

The Governor has made one thing perfectly clear, he has absolutely no interest in a third term. His eyes are set on the 2012 sacrificial lamb spot on the GOP ticket. It is the only thing that can reasonably explain him turning his back on the real people he is suppose to be representing. Not the faux constituency the GOP continues to represent.


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