Friday, April 10, 2009

Patience is a Virtue

The DFL is playing hard ball and launched a new website:

Give It Up Norm

Minnesota’s 2008 Senate election was incredibly close. But Minnesota has a fair, transparent, and careful process for determining who won incredibly close elections. Over the past few months, Supreme Court justices, District Court judges, state and local elections officials, civil servants, campaign workers, and Minnesota voters have participated in the recount and the election contest. Both sides have been fairly represented. And Norm Coleman lost.
I can appreciate the desire to move on, but we have made it this far into the process, I guess I would have waited till at least after the ECC ruled. At that point, the inevitable MN Supreme appeal will take place. This clear Right leaning body, as previewed by the Senate Guru . . .
Three are Republican appointees (at least two of whom have been active in Republican politics, and the third of whom has a spouse who is a top staffer for state Republicans). One is an independent appointee, for whom I am unable to find indications of partisan leanings. And just one of the five appears to be Democratically-inclined.
. . . will give the Former Senator a final fair and respectful shake in his last attempt to overturn the certified results. The Right tilt of this body may have prompted a promoting like the petition current being proffered

So I guess I would have waited, at least till after the Election Contest Court's final decision came down. This presumptuous behavior may dilute the high level of good will the Democrats have appreciated during this process while the former Senator displays withdrawal from his Electile Dysfunction. Beside, the end game here isn't to beat Norm once and for all, but to render him politically impotent. And we don't need a website for that, he is doing a fine job on his own.


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