Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rick Nelson, Mentor

Rick Nelson, an integral part of the DFL party has passed of pancreatic cancer. I will share with you Rick Stafford's words as sent to me for all to see:
Tonight I received word that Rick Nelson passed away from pancreatic cancer at his home surrounded by his many loved ones. This is extremely disheartening news for me as I considered Rick a good friend and political peer.

Most will remember Rick for his very able talents chairing parts of our state conventions and other unit conventions and meetings. But what many within the DFL Party did not realize was the numerous important, but sometimes trivial roles that Rick undertook or played "behind the scenes". He did much without taking credit or tooting his own horn!!!!! He was our "free" employment lawyer and provided "focus" during times that required it but few were able to provide. He was the secretarial scribe for the State Constitution and Bylaws for a couple of decades--keeping track of the many changes this body always seemed to make in developing the biannual DFL Call, making the clerical changes to the document and adding a touch of the lawyer "grammar" when needed. Most important, Rick was a mentor.

And, he had quite the sense of humor - Scandinavian heritage intact! He and his wife, Kathy, always enjoyed entertaining and Rick looked forward every Christmas to the Holiday Party that they would host at their home.

Rick was never a delegate to a national convention, something he never really wanted and sought during the last couple of elections. It was great that Rick was able to be part of the Minnesota delegation, while not a delegate, at this very historic convention before the good Lord called upon him. I know he/she will put Rick to good use!
My hopes and prayers to the Nelson family during this difficult time.


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