Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Paid my respects to a variety of family members this weekend. My good friend Pat and I visited 8 different cemeteries over the course of a 24 hour road trip. We went to Shieldsville, Montgomery and St. Henry tracking our Irish roots. Stopped in Cleveland for my Great Great Great Grandparents who died in the 1870s.

We then went into St. Peter to spend some quality time with the living. Had a great time at Patrick's on Third. Patty melts for dinner of course, before venturing next door for some patio partying at Stoli's new pad. He is tracking the remodel, here.

Monday morning we made a dash to Nicollet where I have a genealogical gold mine. over a dozen direct ancestors spread over 4 generation ins this small German Lutheran cemetery. We made it back to St. Peter in time for the Memorial Day service. My Godfather is still a member of the honor guard, proudly carrying the POW/MIA flag. The service was full of the necessary pomp and patriotism.

Afterwards, we went back south to Madelia, to visit Seth (whose grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War) and snoop around. Finally we headed back home, but not without stopping in Henderson. The Dummer plot holds my dad's step brother, who was killed in combat during World War II.

I hope you all had a restful extended weekend, but took the time to remember those, both living and passed, who made the commitment to protect our freedoms, the very freedoms we appreciated over the long weekend.


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