Tuesday, April 17, 2007

V Tech Tragedy

We've all heard of the horror at Virginia Tech by now. Filling the morning shows are updates of the nightmare, and the desire by various public institutions to re-evaluate their security plans.

Yesterday, Mitch at SitD, posted 'My Advice To My Kids'. Several of his comments made sense. The basic premise was to run and run fast as it is harder to hit a moving target. But he carries it a bit too far when he suggests that students should ignore lock down policies. My comment:
There is a variety of reason that a lock down is preferred. You never know if there is someone sitting outside ready to pick you off as you hop out that window, and there is no telling what is going on in the halls. We are to lock down, go to the safest area away from the door so we are not seen and we have the lights off. We are to not open the door or answer it for anyone INCLUDING the principal. For you to even hint at creating a panic where kids should run rampant in an attempt to ‘escape’ is unfortunate.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and after each event like this, lock down rules are reviewed and procedures adjusted to provide the safest environment possible for the kids.
My heart and prayers go out to the victims of this tragedy along with courage to the administrators throughout the country who are now tasked with making us all safer in this fluid world we live in.


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