Thursday, February 15, 2007

Al Franken, Senator?

The Right will continue their barrage on Franken for one simple reason; they have a weak and vulnerable incumbent.

Coleman has been struggling with his political identity lately. His run to the Middle, and in some cases even to the left of Amy, has disenfranchises members of his base. The middle is where this battle will be won, and any Democratic candidate, especially Al, will have no problem making a case to these fence sitters. Coleman, on the other hand, will need to shore up his base, and in doing so, will have a difficult time playing to moderates like me. Since he can't seem to make up his mind from one moment to the next, I suspect the Minnesota electorate will just give up on him. If the MN GOP was wise, they may look for an alternative to Coleman's candidacy, but I have never thought of the Right Wing in Minnesota as wise.

I look forward to this race and am glad it is starting so early. It will give me something to do over the Summer.


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