Sunday, July 23, 2006

Front Page - Part Deux

The PiPress saved their MDE story for Sunday. A PDF of the front page can be found here. The lead is VERY interesting. I don't remember the incident, but it did remind me of a scene from West Wing:
Michael Brodkorb made his debut on the Minnesota political stage in a chicken suit.

It was 1998, and Brodkorb, now a Republican political researcher from Eagan, was working on Norm Coleman's campaign for governor. One day, the low-level staffer was assigned to put on the fowl outfit, go to a Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party news conference at St. Paul's downtown airport and stand next to the party's gubernatorial candidate, Skip Humphrey, while holding a sign that read "Quit skipping debates."
Too Funny!

I thought the STRIB article was better, but front page press for the Minnesota Blogosphere is always good no matter where it appears.


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