Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Blown Opportunities?

The withdrawal of Paul Hackett from the Ohio US Senate race has reminded me of my plea following Patty Wetterling's departure from the MN Senate race.

The Democratic party has a unique opportunity. If they remain aggresive, and stay united, the chances of re-taking the Senate and knocking on the door of the majority in the House is within grasp. But there are those under the big tent party that want it all. I do not want to imply we should ignore debate and not have spirited campaigning within the party. But if a candidate has become cream, and floated to the top, all should rally behind them. The party must not lose sight of the ultimate goal, which I would hope is returning to the majority. This can only be done by rallying around an electable, well financed, and strongly supported candidate

However emotions get involved, candidates feel slighted, supporters become disenfranchised, and the Right just cackles at their bumbling.

For the greatest enemy the Left has, is not the Right but it is those on the fringe of the Left itself. The 'pick up my toys and go home' mentality is what will prevent the Democratic Party from making far reaching gains in a political environment where the Right is prime for picking. If they blow this opportunity again. It may be a long time before a situation like this will present itself.

Keep the eye on the prize, folks. This may just be the last chance for quite sometime.


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