Friday, June 10, 2005

Strange Bedfellows

Phil and John, agreeing?!?
Phil Krinkie and John Marty: Give the taxpayers a fair stake in new stadiums

Despite the hype promoting the Hennepin County ballpark proposal, it is a bad deal for the public. Taxpayers would pay almost three-fourths of the stadium costs -- more than $350 million of a $478 million total -- yet all the revenue generated by the facility would go to the owner of the Minnesota Twins.

What kind of business deal is this? If you invest money in an enterprise, you deserve your share of the profits.

We do not believe that it is the proper role of government to invest in private businesses. Like most Minnesotans, we are tired of the stadium debate distracting the state from addressing more important issues. Nevertheless, we are concerned that the Legislature might pass the Hennepin County ballpark proposal during this special session.

Consequently, we offer a compromise. Our Stadium Fair Funding Act would give a green light to Hennepin County's proposal, but only if taxpayers get a fair shake. Our bill would also facilitate construction of a Vikings stadium.
I would like to see a new stadium, bit I also was frustrated with the amount of public investment involved, without a potential return.

I hope the legislature takes a hard look at this proposal, as it is a fair and reasonable way to enter into a stadium partnership.

If John and Phil agree it is a good idea, it certainly makes me take a second look.


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