Friday, July 09, 2004

We coulda used Ken

In a return to the Keagan's Thursday evening trivia contest, the Minnehaha All-Stars improved their score, but were still unable to dethrone the Frater's Boys. With knowledge of the Global Position architecture, and obscure Country Western Grammy questions, we may have made a better run for it.

Now, if we would have been able to corral Ken Jennings, we would have been unstoppable. For those Jeopardy fans out there, Ken won his 27th game on Thursday and has accumulated $868,960 in winnings. What is more amazing, is that come Final Jeopardy, he is almost always dealing with a run-away, whereby his total is already double his next closest opponent. The next record in sight for him, consecutive game show appearances. The current record, is 46, on the old Tic Tac Dough show.


UPDATE: Ken tied the single game Jeopardy record today. He added $52,000 to his total, bringing him to $920,960. I think I'll have to start a 'Ken Watch' on my sidebar. That oughta jinx him for sure!

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