Monday, April 26, 2004

CNN - The Cheney News Network

The Right Wing Media machine has completed their takeover. I can appreciate more then ever why the local Right gets so riled up over the Star and Tribune's editorial section. My feelings for CNN (the new Cheney News Network) now rival that of FauxNews. My disdain for the National network Press is gut wrenching.

I have just spent the morning watching CNN, as I generally do while working at my desk. But the decpetive misleading defense voting record ad, now redone, has run FOR FREE, at least a half dozen times. Kerry has only been mentioned in negative context. It has been an All Bush, All Cheney, morning on CNN!

There is no balance anymore, there is no attempt to report in a non biased nature. The Big corporate media lap dogs are buttering up to GW because they know that he will allow them to grab bigger and bigger chunks of the pie.

This is totally disgraceful.

The Right likes to chide about the Left wing media, well, it doesn't exist, and it never has. It was merely another one of the Republican attempts to create a fact via their echo chamber.

Shows you what big money can do.


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